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Friday, January 05, 2007

Report Card for 2006

I've seen memes that seem to share this idea, but I wanted to grade myself on how I handled or mishandled things. Its sort of like when that teacher or professor allows you to grade your own work, except that I will try to be as objective as possible about myself. Feel free to borrow this one with a link to my blog.

My grading scale will be the traditional alphabet scale.

1. Relationship with God

Grade - C+

Faith in what God can do has always been my strongsuit, I read biblical stories to my kids, and I pray every night. What is missing is consistency in giving money and time to the church and people. That test alone brought my grade down.

2. Family

Grade - B-

I spent a great amount of time with my kids, and not just fun activities. I waited and pushed heavily for my relationship with my wife to grow in positive direction. Those are the ones I am directly responsible for. What needs work is encouraging my wife more, and spending time with other family members. This dropped severely, and there really is no valid reason for it.

3. Friends

Grade - F

Except for a few forwards, and maybe three phone calls, I really sucked at being a friend in 2006, and since my friends still contact me, I know that they love me because I have been horrible. One of my resolutions is to improve vastly in this area.

4. Job

Grade - B+

The job was tough when I had personal issues going, but once those began to subside, I became a shining star once again.

5. Community

Grade - F

I didn't do a single thing in my community. What else can be said

6. Self

Grade - D

And this low grade explains everything. I ignored myself a lot last year, which turned into misery transferred to others. Other than this blog and the other one, I've done nothing much for myself. This has to change if the others will change.

Predicted grades for 2007

1. A-

There will always be room for improvement, and I have already begun taking steps by joining the choir(be quiet Dawn!) and will be rejoining the Mens' group.

2. A-

I have a lot of family to contact, but I will do it.

3. B

This area needs a lot of work, so I'm trying to be realistic.

4. A+

Don't touch me or you will surely burn. I'm hot!!

5. B

This area also needs lots of work.

6. B+

I am incapable of being selfish, so this may be struggle for me, but I hope to make progress.


  • Yay for optimism! It sounds like you're planning a great year. I, personally, believe it's important to work on yourself. You can't be truly be good to others unless you make yourself a priority.

    By Blogger julie, at 1:16 PM  

  • Parents often live through their kids. Husbands often live not as an individual, but as part of the couple. Those aren't necessarily negative statements, but when my divorce hit me in the face, I had to reevaluate lots of things. My life was my family, so I had few male friends. Especially once kids came into the house, I had little time to do stuff 'for' me, so that died off a bit. As men, we have to maintain the male relationships in order to build each other up. That's really hard for me. Your report card made me refocus on that yet again.

    By Blogger FindingHeart, at 8:41 PM  

  • ...re-reading it, I want to clarify my previous comment: A deeply devoted family man and dad should focus on himself as a whole person, an individual. Just didn't mean at the cost of the family either.

    By Blogger FindingHeart, at 8:43 PM  

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